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15 októbra 2009

spock & uhura

You won't believe it
Riddick is crazy...
...about Spock :-)

First time I saw Star Trek and the "elevator scene" with Spock & Uhura, for a few seconds I didn't realize it whole. When it came to me, I think I missed a heartbeat :-)
I saw nothing so sweet in film for a couple of years!
Well, one of reasons could be, I am quite a cynical realistic person and not really a fan of romantic comedies and tear-milking heart-breaking romances. All the more I can enjoy one kind of romance - the one related with pain, sadness, death, suffering, refusal... and pain.
Like English Patient, The Fountain, Cold Mountain, Far from Heaven, The Hours, Legends of the Fall, Frankie and Johnny... you name it.

There is a painfull sweetness in it. Great feelings, personal tragedies, reconciliation. Dying and grief.
And also it is more authentic, more like... life.
But I really don't know why I like this particular sort of romance.

Back to that Star Trek movie.

Young Spock, fresh captain of freshly built USS Enterprise is frozen in horror. Some evil badguy played with him and just for fun and satisfaction from revenge destroyed his homeplanet together with its 6 billion inhabitants... and his mother. For many reasons Spock cannot express his shock and grief. Yet he feels agony deep inside.
Only option is to leave, to be alone.
But there is one woman, Uhura, who discovered (maybe just, maybe earlier) her feelings for him. She can't bear his torment and runs to comfort him. Express her sorry, her sympathy ...and her love.
With gentle kisses and hugs. For a brief moment he surrenders and rests his head upon her shoulder.
She asks quietly, "What do you need, tell me."
After short breakdown he gains selfcontrol as a faithful Vulcan and answers "I need everyone to continue performing admirably."
She nods in deep understanding, hugs him and they kiss each other.
Then he leaves the elevator without a word.

Shit, what a scene!
Don't think of me as a fogey old-times lover who thinks woman's place is in kitchen with kids, devoting her free time to sole purpose - adore her husband. Quite the opposite :-)
BUT despite all the emancipation and its crappy consequences (like same work/smaller wages+second shift at home), this IS one of the most romantic archetypes ever!
Strong yet sensible man, broken by great sorrow, unable (not allowed) to show his feelings. Understanding yet strong woman, willing to comfort, to share his suffering and take some of the burden to herself.
Because woman knows, when her man is going to break. And she wants to help, she wants to share. That is her nature. Wise man let her to help. Let himself to be helped! To be comforted. Only stupid acts like he doesn't need anybody and least a loving woman...
After a short pause strong man must get back to his heroic manly role. But we, viewers, already know he loves her too :-)
And he CAN feel it.

And there is one more unbelievably wonderful scene. The one in which Kirk is provoking Spock to prove his unsuitability to run the ship and to become the captain himself. He pushes him so far Spock answers the insult about not loving his mother with a physical attack. He beats hell out of Kirk and tries to strangle him. At last he possesses himself and leaves the bridge...
And the viewer (especially female) again sees the outside-strong inside-vulnerable man torn apart between two worlds, with his deepest dilemmas.
And she must love him, for he is so fragile. Women's protective instinct cannot be easily beaten. That is why we love this new Spock :-)

I can't do nothing better than applause scriptwriters and creators of new Star Trek for what kind of hero they gave me. Spock is just perfect. And at some parts he's very much like me...
People love heroes to whom they can compare to :-)

There is much more to it I could think up - but I don't want to annoy you with my blab any longer.

So what is this all about?
Heh, I just wanted to show you one youtube video. Fanclip from the lady who precisely captured my passion for this movie couple and their romance. She combined heavenly beautiful song of Beyoncé Knowles (whom I do not listen to generally, but I loved Halo from the moment I heard it on the radio for the first time) and clever edit of Spock and/or Uhura shots from the Star Trek movie.
Enjoy... and feel it :-)

19 komentárov:

  1. hmmm, tak vdaka tebe si ten film vobec nemusim pozriet. teraz ked viem ze happy end je hned na zaciatku (aj ked skoda planety) :)))))))))

    ale nevedel som ze sa dokazes az tak rozstenkat :P :D

  2. jaký happyend? o tom som nič nehovorila :-D
    nuž teda, každý máme svoje tajomstvá ;-)

  3. No nádchera Riddick :) čumím :)

  4. anet no predsa ten happy end ze zomrie sest miliard ludi. len tu planetu nemuseli nicit :D

  5. anooooooooooo, anoooooooooooo!

    spock bol moj hero uz ked som pozerala ako prvostupniarka na ZS raumschiff enterprise na orf 1 kazde poobedie.
    a bol tam jeden taky diel, kde mal spock svoje dni, ked sa nevedel ovladat. a po tom dieli mi bol este sympatickejsi :D

  6. áno, milujeme zraniteľných mužov ;-D

  7. No jo milá slečno, pon farr je holt blbé obdobie.

  8. I hear you, I hear you.

    I hate Romantic Comedies, but this scene had a great deal more authenticity to it that most of those films put together.

    great review and thanks for visiting my site!
    Muzz @
    Sci Fi Stuff


  10. Mimochodom, ako sa vola ten herec a kde hral??

  11. Volá sa Zachary Quinto a je známy hlavne zo seriálu Heroes (ktorý som ešte nevidela) - podľa fotiek usudzujem, že tam hral záporáka. Ale mimo Spockovského imidžu už IMHO nie je taký sladký ;-)

  12. VEDELA SOM TO!! On tam hral Sylera, toho najväčšieho záporáka muhaha :)))) ale zahral to úžasne, fakt. Vyzerá to na kus talentovaného herca :)

  13. no musim povedat ze mne sa Heroes (tak ako Lost alebo ten serialovy Terminator) vobec ale ani trosku nepacili. Tym ze je pribeh roztahany na cely serial to bola pre mna tazka nuda. Jedina ako tak zaujimava postava bola ten japoncik a aj to len na zaciatku ked bol cely taky popleteny...

  14. hej, ja som videla iba pilot a japončík bol fakt bestest :-D

  15. I love that you love my video! Be warned, however, I'm planning on doing the video over with better quality footage.

  16. LOST aj Heroes som vydržala pozerať iba do určitej doby a potom ma to už prestalo baviť - a hlavne som na to nemala čas. Ale ten japončík bol perfektný :)


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